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The CommUnity Leadership Institute (CLI) prepares high school youth to be leaders for diversity and justice in their schools and communities.

August 2-9 of 2014

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“CLI has made me feel like a stronger person. Like my one voice, if used loudly, can make a difference.” - CLI Graduate, Dos Pueblos High School

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What Are Some Benefits of CLI?
- Diversity awareness & people skills
- Community organizing training
- Leadership experience for job & college applications
- Community service credits (48 hours)
- A network of friends in the Central Coast
- Connections to school and community leaders
- Personal growth & self-awareness
What Have Some CLI Grads Done?
- Started 9 diversity & social justice clubs in Central Coast high schools, colleges, and communities
- Launched youth committees of local social justice nonprofits
- Started 11 Gay-Straight Alliances (GSAs) in Santa Barbara & Ventura County high schools
- Held Forum on Gang & Youth Violence 
- Helped ban bullying language against indigenous youth in Oxnard high schools
- Organized for immigrant rights and marriage equality
- Served on local nonprofit Boards of Directors

The CLI Experience

As soon as you get to CLI, you meet teens from all over the Central Coast. The first few days are spent having fun and getting to know everyone. What starts off as a random group of teens soon becomes a tight-knit community.

As the week goes on, the CLI experience gets deeper. The group participates in dialogues, interactive activities, and workgroups to learn about issues related to racism, sexism, homophobia, classism, and other injustices that affect our lives and communities.

Meanwhile, you will also be gaining tools for action. The CLI staff will help you create an action plan to make your school or community the kind of place you want it to be. After CLI, you get to implement your plans. Just Communities will give you support, and connect you with other people who will help make your plans happen.

Yet, even as you are doing important work throughout the week, everyone is having lots of fun! There are opportunities for swimming, sports, crafts, poetry, music, and dance. You will also leave CLI with a new set of friends, and an awesome life experience!

What Parents & Families Should Know

CLI helps youth:

- Develop self-confidence and good character
- Resist social pressures & be positive role models
- Develop skills for school, college & future careers

What Educators Should Know

CLI helps students:

- Resist social pressures & be positive role models
- Take on campus leadership roles
- Reduce bullying, harassment, & conduct issues
- Challenge themselves to achieve more academically

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What CLI Grads Say

“It feels like I’ve come to a whole new level of enlightenment. I feel like before I came, I had already been passionate about social justice issues, but now there are things to change.”
- 10th grader, Santa Barbara High School

“This is the best camp ever! We learn so much and get to work with an awesome staff. This has been the greatest experience of my life.” 
- 11th grader, Pioneer Valley High School

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For information about the CommUnity Leadership Institute, please contact Alan Goff at or 805-966-2063.